Are you spending lots of time and energy but feel you’re not making a difference? Does LIFE seem a bit meaningless?

If yes, your LIFE is out of balance. You are not flourishing. To flourish you need the three key elements of your life to be in balance. Your FINANCES, your RELATIONSHIPS, and your walk with GOD.
We call these essential elements Economic, Social, and Spiritual wealth.



If you are not flourishing, High Impact LIFE can help you get your LIFE back in balance. Here’s how.

High Impact LIFE is a framework that will help you navigate the challenges of LIFE that tend to get you out of balance.  It focuses on three key areas of your LIFE.


  • Loving your PURPOSE.
  • Living with PASSION.
  • Leveraging your PLATFORM

Once you understand the Framework and understand  your Purpose, Passions, and Platform, we will then teach you to practically apply them to your LIFE using the Personal Planning System.

The Personal Planning System will teach you three Habits that will Change your LIFE.

  • The Annual Personal Plan
  • Weekly Strategy
  • Daily Execution


A High Impact LIFE

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Pete Ochs defines what it means to live a high impact life and provides today’s leaders with the resources they need to define their purpose, embrace their passion, and maximize their platform for success in business and beyond. Do you have what it takes to lead a high impact life?

Ochs reached material success early in his career, but wasn’t satisfied with just a large bank account. He wanted to create human flourishing and build economic, social, and spiritual wealth for the common good. Follow Ochs’ journey inside a business operating inside a maximum-security prison, and understand how his philosophy is not only economically profitable, but socially and spiritually transforming lives.

With anecdotes from other industry leaders, learn how you can implement Ochs’ philosophy and transform your personal and business life.


- High-Impact Strategies to makeover your personal and professional life

- Your Purpose, Passion, and Platform

- How to live a life making a difference

- An actionable annual plan to help you flourish

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